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MIDI Editors
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Juno 106





Previous to 1995, numerous MIDI synthesizer patch and waveform editors were developed; but all were decommissioned to be replaced by the much more powerful, all-in-one MIDI SYStem EXplorer. These editors allowed editing of all parameters in real time. They also displayed edits being made on the MIDI devices in real time, and automatically received patch data when patch changes were made on the device. Three great advantages of using this software were that:
  1. Some sliders/knobs on devices did not always give you the full range of settings. For example, the PWM LEVEL on our Juno 106 only went to 103 when the slider was positioned at the top. Through use of Juno 106 Editor, we could get the full range (0-127).
  2. On some devices, there was no way to see what the values were on each of the knobs/sliders. By just selecting a patch on a device, all settings were automatically displayed on the editor's screen.
  3. Some other interesting things could be done by setting parameters to values that couldn't be set with a device's physical buttons/knobs/sliders.