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History of a Vision
young monkey  began in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1984 as the creative endeavour of a single young man, known by most people as dhomas. It got its first great push ahead as the result of a teacher's organization of the students in her classroom. This spurred a new friendship between two people now sitting next to each other who probably would never have met otherwise. A common interest in song writing and synthesizers sparked their first conversation. This was only the beginning.

Their first two musical collaborations have never been heard by anyone but themselves and a few friends. Their third collaboration, however, entitled sus salvanius (Latin: "Pygmy Boar") unanimously won First Place in CHSR-FM's Basement Band Contest in 1987 and was an instant hit on the local campus/community radio station. Late in 1994, this collaboration even managed to put another song, the world the body the grave, onto a Global Chart in the UK.

But, young monkey  is not just about music. Over the years, young monkey  has collaborated with people from all walks of life, including: artists, technologists and scientists - working and consulting on projects in sound, music, film, video, graphic design, writing, computer technology and performance (to name just a few). In 1995, young monkey's explorations in the areas of graphic design and publication, manifested itself as two new divisions (design and publications) under the name of simian press.

It was not until 1992 that young monkey  got its name. They found with the interest their projects were generating, and the questions they were getting it was much easier to have a name which could stand for themselves, their work and their vision. From a practical, professional perspective a name became necessary, but young monkey  was not simply snatched out of the air. Although the name will evoke images particular to each person who hears it, its meaning comes especially from the curiosity and energy that characterizes youth. The embodiment of the potential and desire to fulfill dreams is coupled with a sense of the wild, the jungle. young monkey  means the potential and freedom to live as a creative human being, not simply on the "off" hours, but through the whole range of life.

One thing holds it all together... young monkey  is a birthplace for new ideas and the realization of dreams.