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Troy "Mo" Morehouse

face the monkey
Troy "Mo" Morehouse - B.Sc.Eng(EE), P.Eng

young monkey puzzle. Mo sees young monkey as interconnected pieces, like a puzzle, forming an eclectic yet coherent whole. Like all those at young monkey, his diverse expertise affords him the ability to make this vision into a working reality. Beyond providing technical support in hardware and software, R&D, sound recording and editing, Mo is keenly interested in the future of young monkey's publishing and graphic design manifestation: simian press. One great strength of young monkey is, in Mo's opinion, the encompassing "complete service" character of the various pieces within: integrating software and hardware production with the recording studio and the publishing of computer programs, music, graphic art and printed word. Mo free associates a mixture of orange and eucalyptus tree-leaf green with young monkey. Fun is foremost.

Words from Mo: My brain is full. There is no more room in my brain.