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EDL Assistant (Excel) 1.0
Minimum Requirements
Software: Microsoft Excel

EDL Assistant is designed for digital filmmakers and videographers that need to track timecode, shots, or create edit decision lists (EDL) for post-production. It's faster... easier... less hassle.

The automated assistant handles the tedious work for you: auto-setting of tapes, scenes, shots, and takes based on previous entries; formatting timecode entries (no awkward colons and periods); out timecode setting; clip naming; individual clip and total project duration calculations; error checking; etc.

For batch capture file output, the automated Clip Name system supports two kinds of naming: (1) Based on Tape/In (Tape 2, In 3:45 = "02_000345.avi"). (2) Using Scene/Shot/Take (Scene 5.5, Shot 3a, Take 2 = "05-5_03a_02.avi"). And Numeric Padding settings ensure clips are alphabetized sensibly in file managers. Clips names can also be manually entered. Batch Capture file generation is in standard EDL* format.
  • Batch capture file export formats: EDL*
  • Built-in help for quick reminders about functionality

  • * Contact us about additional export formats you are interested in.
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
Proceed to the youngmonkey store for pricing and ordering, or to the demo download section.