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TimeKeep Account Manager 1.2
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows
Desktop: Minimum 800 pixels wide

TimeKeep Account Manager is a simplified invoicing application for businesses that want to manage account/client info such as time spent on projects, expenses, payments, etc. - without having to delve into complex accounting software.

A compact design takes up very little desktop space; but when not immediately needed, the program can be minimized to the taskbar tool-tray out of the way. Smart, user friendly layouts allow for fast transaction entry - this means that you can spend more time working and less time on billing. Dual user interface layouts are provided to accommodate desktops as small as 800 pixels wide, and can be locked into place to prevent accidental repositioning.

Projects and Expenses can be defined both globally and specifically for each account, and overridden on a per transaction basis. Charge Rates can be defined independently for each account and -NEW- each project. Tax can be defined, and optionally applied to invoices on a per account basis.

Three transaction modes (Time, Expense, Payment) with 5 Detail Custom Buttons for each, simplify the process of entry and accommodate quick recall of often used transaction descriptions.

The built-in Timer allows you to track time spent on projects to the minute, while options for Minimum Charge and Time Increment are handled automatically. A 15 minute Reminder with -NEW- options to Continue, Ignore Interval, Ignore Interval and Stop; and Pause/Cancel options make the Timer even more flexible.

A History feature lets you preview previous transactions chronologically, and -NEW- delete non-invoiced transactions. And the Search option scans invoices and displays entries that meet the search criteria -NEW- chronologically - ideal for making sure reoccurring expense charges are kept up-to-date.

HTML based invoices can be easily designed/modified and assigned independently to accounts. This makes it possible to have various invoice templates for different uses, such as: foreign currency accounts and multiple divisions/businesses. A Balance Finder feature steps through accounts with invoiced or non-invoiced balances making it easy to generate new invoices quickly or review accounts that owe money. Pre-generation options let you override: invoice date, number, and template selection, as well as select Print, Display, and/or -NEW- EMail output methods. Alternatively, tab delimited transaction files can be imported into other applications for specialized data processing, or invoice generation. A Receipt generator function creates receipts in duplicate. Also HTML based, these can be easily designed/modified as necessary.
  • Global and account specific projects and expenses
  • Per account and per -NEW- project charge rates
  • Account independent Tax option, applies tax to invoices automatically
  • HTML based customizable invoices, receipts, and tab delimited transaction files
  • Invoice generation methods: Print, Display, and/or -NEW- EMail
  • Timer with Minimum Charge, Time Increment, Reminder -NEW- (Continue, Ignore Interval, Ignore Interval and Stop), and Pause/Cancel options
  • History view with -NEW- deletion of non-invoiced transactions, and Search for reviewing previous charges -NEW- chronologically
  • Balance Finder for invoiced or non-invoiced balances
  • 5 Detail Custom Buttons for each entry mode (Time, Expense, Payment)
  • Fast transaction entry
  • Automatic recall of last used Account/Project
  • Dual lockable user interface layouts for desktops 800+ pixels wide
  • Minimizes to taskbar-tray (just a click away)
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
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