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Total Commander Viewers : Plugins
Minimum Requirements
Software: Total Commander 6.5+
OS: Windows
Among the most popular file management utilities is Total Commander from Christian Ghisler. With Total Commander Viewers, users can take advantage of its integrated Thumbnail view to preview the special image formats supported by the following plugins:

  • Aura/Mirage Viewer 1.0
  • .dip: DEEP format brushes.
  • .aur and .mir: Aura/Mirage project files.
  • Aura/Mirage not required

  • Video Toaster Viewer 1.0
  • .rtv: RTV1 and RTV2 multimedia files.
  • Video Toaster not required. However, the following files from a Video Toaster installation will need to be copied to a system without a Video Toaster: nt_tools.dll, proof.dll, RTVLib2.dll

  • Thumbnail view mode
Pricing and Ordering
Proceed to the youngmonkey store for pricing and ordering.