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"Despite extensive searching, editor/librarians have tended to be the hardest category to fill, whatever the platform. This is partly the result of ensuring that they have the widest appeal. There's one Amiga program that shines above the others and that's MIDI SYStem EXplorer or MSE... The functionality is excellent, with customisation and compatibility being the program's watchwords." - Future Music, March 1998


"I would like to tell you how impressed I was with the software (MSE), it's incredible. It's an amazing piece of soft-art. You see, we don't see a lot of Amiga MIDI software these days, mainly with this level of sophistication..." - Alexandre Tavares Frias

"MSE is lots of fun, it's really good to be able to program synth sounds without having to type hex codes into the B&P sysex editor window :)" - Julian Higginson

"I will mention that MSE and compiler are very good programs. I like the concept and neither has ever crashed on me." - Simon Warner

"...thank you for the great program. It takes just a few hours to get into programming. I have the first module nearly ready." - Stefan Kost