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Note: For a Windows standalone version go here.
Camera Controller 2.5 : Plugins
Minimum Requirements
Software: VT (4/5) or TriCaster (Duo/Standard/Pro/ProFX/Studio/Broadcast)
OS: Windows
Hardware: VISCA/AMX compatible camera/head and appropriate connection cables and adaptors
Camera Controller provides remote control of pan/tilt robotic video cameras/heads that support the VISCA protocol (ex: Sony EVI-D30/D70, BRC-300) and/or -NEW- AMX hardware (ex: AXB-PT10/15/30). Movement controls (Speed, Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Presets) as well as camera settings (Focus, White Balance, Backlight, Exposure) are provided for applicable hardware.

"I bought Camera Controller on the morning of a huge show. Two hours later I was switching three cameras in a live webcast watched by hundreds of people. The program worked liked a charm! It is definitely an elegant and inexpensive replacement for the expensive Sony RMBR300." - Edan Cohen, Media Production Manager, American Law Institute, American Bar Association

Flexible multiple camera handling allows for any combination of VISCA/AMX, daisy chained, COM port, and -NEW- IP connections. While automatic Switcher Preview selection insures that you're previewing the camera you're controlling.

An External Control Link allows for outside applications to access camera functions. The following applications are compatible:
  • Macro Panel adds complex control with single keypresses.
  • Scheduler adds date and/or time based playlist functionality for automated control.
  • TCP-VT provides real-time TCP (intranet/internet) control.

  • Controls up to 8 cameras via one or more COM ports and/or -NEW- IP addresses
  • Compatible with standard COM and -NEW- network hardware: including RS-232 ports, USB adaptors, multi-i/o cards, routers, switches, etc.
  • VISCA protocols supported: 1.00, 1.10, 1.20
  • VISCA Daisy Chaining
  • -NEW- AMX modes: RS232 Standalone, RS232 to Master Controller, IP to Master Controller
  • Independent Speed controls for each camera: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom*
  • Pan/Tilt Directions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up/Left, Up/Right, Down/Left, Down/Right, Home
  • Independent Pan L/R direction for each camera
  • Zoom*: Telephoto, Wide
  • Presets: 1-255*, Recall/Set/Reset
  • Power: On/Off
  • Camera Settings*: Focus, White Balance, Backlight, Exposure (Shutter/Iris/Gain/Bright)
  • -NEW- Sony DXC camera/lens support (ex: DXC-390/950/990/9000/H10) - Experimental Zoom support only
  • * Features vary depending on hardware

  • Automatic Switcher Preview selection
  • Auto Start automatically opens the plugin on startup of TriCaster and VT
  • ToasterScript support provides hotkey assignments and other scripting functionality.
  • External Control Link sources: Macro Panel, Scheduler and TCP-VT