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LumiEssence 1.5 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: TVP Animation 9.0+ or Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 1.0c+* or Aura DV 1.0e+* or Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
LumiEssence is a powerful luminance (brightness) based, image transformation plug-in. Three modes of operation (Alpha, Color, and Grey) make it suitable for color correction, false coloring, luminance keying, enhanced negative operations, sophisticated color-to-grey conversions, and contrast manipulation. That's just what we've figured out it can do so far. There's surely many more exciting possibilities awaiting your discovery. It was designed to be an experimental tool for creating wild and crazy graphics, but seems to have found itself capable of doing other things, too.
  • Alpha channel, Color (R, G, B), and Grey processing modes.
  • Live WYSIWYG preview, lets you see exactly what the effect looks like while you alter the parameters.
  • Keyframeable parameters: Shadows, Low-Mids, High-Mids, and Highlights.
  • Keyframing management functions: Load, Save As, Reset.
  • Psychedelic wackiness.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.

  • * Keyframing features are not supported in Aura 1.0c and Aura DV 1.0e.
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
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