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"I need your hands
Can you meet my demands"

MEO is the first of many creative projects being planned, that are designed to include the public's participation. Each project will be a little different, but all have one thing in common... We need your help to make the project successful. So, keep reading to see how you can be involved.

For the MEO project, we need as many pictures of hands as we can get. We need hundreds of them, so spread the word to everyone you know.

To participate, send us digital images of your and/or anyone you know's hands. You can choose between left or right hand and the back or palm of the hand. If you are sending several different people's hands, please mix up the shots. Preferably, shoot the hands against a solid colored background (such as gray or white) and try to avoid shadows.

Also, be sure to send us the names of all people whose pictures you have submitted.

Please send an e-mail to projects for details about submitting images.