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Published Articles
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Digital Audio RecordersSeptember 1998
A comparative analysis of DAT, MD and DCC technologies.
Image Processing Techniques for Audio - Part 1
Image Processing Techniques for Audio - Part 2
November 1997
December 1997
A tutorial on using image processing software to process and generate audio files.
Making Music with Project XGSeptember 1997
An overview of General MIDI and improvements on it: Yamaha XG and Roland GS.
On-Line Audio and Music ResourcesApril 1998
An exploration into on-line resources for musicians and audio fanatics.
Sound Mind: A Creative ApproachApril 1999
An exploration into some rather unusual experimental projects: Using brain response monitoring, weather monitoring and satellite tracking systems to control the creation of music and graphics.

Amiga Software/Hardware
Beyond the Four Gigabyte BarrierOctober 1998
Discussion, solutions and cautions on the Amiga 4 GIG+ problem.
ConversionsJune 1999
Language translation; reading Microsoft Word, FinalWriter and ProWrite documents; accessing clip-art graphic formats; and converting HTML to text.
Fonts, Fonts, FontsJune 1999
Using TrueType/Type 1 font formats, font organization, faster font requester, and information about font enhancement software.
Improving Your Amiga's PerformanceFebruary 1999
Improved accelerator performance, faster Kickstart ROMs, things to liven up your Amiga. Includes real-life speed tests of HSMathLibs, Cyberpatcher and OxyronPatcher.
A Look At FragmentationFebruary 1999
What is it? Is it good? Is it bad? Find out if it affects you.
Millennium Is Coming...August 1999
An inside look at the Amiga Toaster/Flyer upgrade.
Software Installation: Things To KnowJanuary 1999
Advice for safer software installation.
Solving The GURUApril 1999
What you need to know about the Amiga GURU and how to avoid it.
System Essentials - Part 1
System Essentials - Part 2
System Essentials - Part 3
September 1998
November 1998
January 1999
Discussion of software that can increase productivity and efficiency in everyday Amiga use.
Video A/B, Cs...February 1999
A glossary of Amiga and digital video related terms.

Amiga Audio
Audio Magic!August 1998
You'll be amazed at what your Amiga can do when it comes to sound.
Shareware Round-upFebruary 1998
An update on some of the latest and greatest non-commercial Amiga software offerings and some information that every Amiga musician should know about.
The Future of Amiga AudioOctober 1998
A look at future offerings from Amiga hardware/software developers.

Profile: Frederick AbramsAugust 1998
Multi-awarded, multimedia artist, Frederick Abrams.