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Video Toaster User - Articles
Apr/May 92 - Nov 96
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LightWave 3D (Inspire 3D)
2D Style MorphingSep 9420
3D Morph Project WalkthroughAug 9478
Adding Flexibility: Diagonal Lines in LightWaveNov 9430
All About Maps Part 1: Surface MappingJan 94112
All About Maps, Part 2: How to Apply MapsFeb 94100
All About Maps, Part 3: Cylindrical MappingMar 94112
All About Mattes: Creating Static and Traveling MattesOct/Nov 93120
BonesAug/Sep 9368
Boolean Operations, Part 1Jan 9448
Boolean Operations, Part 2Feb 9448
Boolean Operations, Part 3Mar 9442
Boolean Toolbox: How To Use Time-Saving OperatorsApr 9574
Building Gears in LightWave, Part 1Aug/Sep 93116
Building Gears in LightWave, Part 2Oct/Nov 93118
Digital Backdrops and Flats: Simplifying ScenesApr 9570
Dreamy DistortionApr 9628
Editing LightWave Scene FilesFeb/Mar 9396
An End to a Hazy Day: Ground Fog That'll Envelope YouFeb 9636
Experimenting With BeamsApr 9548
Experiments With Texture: So That's What All That Math Was ForAug 9616
Explorations in LW3DApr/May 9212
Fill Your Mind: Where To Turn For New IdeasJun 9540
Fog, Readouts and NudityNov 9542
Fractal Noise: Making Smke with LightWaveMay 9538
From Human to Humanoid: Combining LightWave With Live ActionSep 9426
Hit the 3D Slopes: 'Tis the Season For Skiing CowsNov 9620
Holiday Cheer: Modeling a Candy CaneDec 9540
How To Avoid Modeling ProblemsDec/Jan 9564
How to Fix Those Flickering PolygonsFeb 94104
How To Lathe Bright IdeasMar 9576
Interior DesignMar 9636
Intro to Modeler, Part 1: Orthographic views, Zooming/Panning, Object BasicsJun/Jul 9224
Intro to Modeler, Part 2: Volume Mode, Lasso, Surface Names, Statistics, Info, LayersOct/Nov 9270
Intro to Modeler, Part 3: Modify and Multiply Tools, Multiple LayersDec/Jan 9284
LightWave 3D Top Down, Part 1: See the Light Without the Heavy ManualMay 9492
LightWave Best-Kept Secrets: Tricks For Rendering and Saving ImagesMar 9542
LightWave Dos and Don'ts: Avoiding Animation PitfallsJul 9538
LightWave Extras: Powerful Add-OnsJul 9552
LightWave Startup Tips, Part 1Dec 9560
LightWave Startup Tips, Part 2Jan 9670
LightWave Steps Part 2: Build Your 3D SkillsJun 9482
LightWave Takes up The MAC ChallengeJun/Jul 9262
Making 3D Animation Wipes: Overlaying BeethovenOct 9488
Mix and Match: Digital Video CompositingMar 9664
Modelete Made Easy: Object RenderingFeb 9542
Modeling Assistance: Tricks to Solve the Missing Normal ProblemFeb 9540
More Attractive Bevels: Enhancing Text With ModelerMar 9564
Motion Morphing with LightWave 3DFeb/Mar 93112
My Sphere Runneth Over: Expanding and Flowing LiquidsJun 9622
Null Objects and Polygon Attach/DetachAug/Sep 9342
Old Ironsides: Build Your Own Cannon, Part 1May 9657
Old Ironsides: Build Your Own Cannon, Part 2Jun 9660
Pseudo-Particle AnimationFeb/Mar 93118
Pushing Pencils: Build A Realistic Writing ToolSep 9560
Sculpting In Space: Animating Planets For Sci-Fi ProductionAug 9542
SeaQuest Secrets: How to Create Underwater ScenesJan 9460
Seeing Is Believing: Animating M&M EyesJan 9658
Setting the Mood: How to Create Network-Style GraphicsMay 9578
The Silent Witness: Reconstructing an Accident With Forensic AnimationFeb 9545
Speed: A Look at LightWave 3D Rendering OptionsJul 9547
Surfaces and Decals: Just Like Those Old Toy ModelsOct 9648
Surface MorphingAug/Sep 9234
Taming The WaveJun/Jul 9216
Taming The WaveAug/Sep 9220
Taming The WaveOct/Nov 9228
Taming The WaveDec/Jan 9230
Taming The WaveFeb/Mar 9322
Taming The WaveJun/Jul 9346
Taming The Wave: LightWave and Modeler 3.0Oct/Nov 9342
Taming The Wave: Animation ExplorationsOct 9426
Taming The Wave: Night, Day and ScreamsJan 9642
Taming the Wave: Learning the Hard WayMay 9624
Taming the Wave: Grab BagJul 9624
Taming the Wave: Happy Anniversary David!Sep 9616
Tips and TechniquesJun 9424
Top Quality - Bottom Price: Getting Your Animations to TapeAug 9652
Trick or Treat: A LightWave 3D Jack-o-LanternOct 9618
Video Toothpast: LightWave's Powerful Skin ToolJul 9574
Waving TextApr/May 9336
Well-Balanced Breakfast: How to Create a Cereal BoxOct 9484
What a Treasure: The Path to an ImageOct 9562
Wondering About Wormholes?Jan 9672
Words of Wisdom: Simple Text Logo AnimationJan 9624
Working on the Railroad: How To Make a Paper Clip With Rail ExtrudingFeb 9578
Working With Modeler: A Beginner's First LookDec/Jan 9520
The Zoom Factor: Working With LightWave's CameraDec 9562

Awesome Underlines: TPaint Graphic SeparatorsOct 9564
Bend Me! Shape Me! Brushes, Titles and TransparencyMay 9660
Composites in ToasterPaintApr/May 9244
Exploring the Darkside: Soft ShadowsNov 9572
Magic FramesApr 9655
Playing With Light: Color, Transparency and GradientsApr 9660
The Ripped Page EffectFeb 9570
ToasterPaint 4.0Nov 9420
ToasterPaint Chronicles, Part 1: Multi-Color/Textured TextApr/May 93114
ToasterPaint Chronicles, Part 2: Texture Text with ReDoAug/Sep 93118
ToasterPaint Studio: Lower Third Graphic Title BarsApr/May 9388
ToasterPaint Timesavers: Tricks For Freezing Frames and Using RubThruJun 9522
ToasterPaint TutorialDec/Jan 9260
Toaster Post: Esoteric Post-Production TipsMar 9622
Transferring Graphics From Print to VideoOct/Nov 93124
Virtual Real Estate: De-Constructing A House With Your ToasterSep 9630
Your Day of Happiness: TPaint TipsDec 9530

Video Toaster (Amiga)
Achieving Good VideoOct 9526
Amiga ShortcutsJul 9436
ARexx and The Toaster: Part 1Jun/Jul 9220
ARexx and The Toaster: Part 2Aug/Sep 9254
Auto Hue PrimerAug/Sep 93141
Batch This! Toasterizing Slides and PrintsFeb 9656
Building A Better Image: Add Life to Graphics With 3D BrushesApr 9562
Building the Perfect Beast! The Hows and Whys of the ToasterFeb 9648
Bulletproof Split ScreensJul 9570
Chiseling Letters Into Marble: CG and TPaint Join ForcesAug 9570
ChromaFX: The Video Toaster's Unsung HeroMar 9650
The Double Punch: A Two-In-One Keying EffectJun 9564
Flash That LogoJun/Jul 9268
Freezing and Grabbing Video With the SwitcherApr/May 9322
The Good, the Bad, and the Freeze FrameMay 9572
The Grand Reorganization: Directory Structure in Toaster 4.0Jun 9532
Graphics with ToasterCGOct 9428
Graphic Wallpaper: Color Gradients and Moving BackgroundsJun 9644
Integrated LightWave With the Keyer and Switcher: The Crush EffectOct 9478
Internal Digital Video SourcesFeb/Mar 9330
Keying Without BleedingFeb 9522
Making Titles Fly: Using Luminance Keyer to Create Digital Text EffectsDec/Jan 9576
Mathframes: Making Toaster Frames with MathVisionAug 9482
New Features in ToasterCG 4.0/TD>Feb 9530
Read My Lip-Sync: Dealing With the Toaster's Two-Frame DelayFeb/Mar 9378
Really Using Chroma FX: Part 1Jun/Jul 9242
Really Using Chroma FX: Part 2Aug/Sep 9242
Really Using Chroma FX: Part 3Dec/Jan 92100
Remembering the Past: The Evolution of the ToasterDec/Jan 9532
Revolution: Tips and TricksAug/Sep 9232
A Second Look: Is Toaster 4.1 Right For You?Sep 9614
The Secret Handshake: How To Adjust Your Toaster 4000 CardSep 9528
Super CG: Making Topnotch TitlesJan 9674
Talking To Your Toaster: CG and TPaint Secrets RevealedFeb 9622
Tape Deck Gremlins On the Loose: Damaga Control For Unruly GuestsNov 9610
Tips and Tricks in Toaster CG 3.1Sep 9422
Toaster 2.0 and 3.1: Always Viable Video Processing ToolsJul 9658
The Toaster 4000: NewTek Delivers a Faster, Better, Easier SolutionAug/Sep 9362
Toaster ARexx, Part 1Oct/Nov 9276
Toaster ARexx, Part 2Feb/Mar 93104
Toaster Brushes and Toaster CGJun 9616
ToasterCG Enhancements in 4.0: ARexx ScriptsMay 9532
ToasterCG Live! Changes in Switcher 4.1 LogicAug 9648
Toaster Intuition: Creating a Framed 3D Rotating CompositeApr 9622
Toaster Potpourri: Tips, Tricks, Oddities and Side ShowsApr 9540
Totally Text-ured: Unique Titles With Images and TexturesSep 9652
TV Commercial TechniquesAug/Sep 93122
Understanding the Toaster's Digital ChannelDec/Jan 9222
Using the Luminance Keyer - Part 1Jun/Jul 9328
Using the Luminance Keyer - Part 2Aug/Sep 9326
Using the Luminance Keyer - Part 3Oct/Nov 9330
Using Mac Postscript Fonts With the ToasterSep 9490
Using the Toaster As An External CGNov 9484
Wedding Video: How To Marry New Technology With Old-Fashioned RomanceApr 9554
What's In The Box: Toaster 4.1 GoodiesAug 9622
With Gun and Camera: Through the Toaster's Genlock UtilitySep 9524

Flyer (Amiga)
ARexx Unleashes the Flyer's Power: New Add-OnsMay 9614
Attack of the Flyers: Animated Invasions Over Flyer ClipsOct 9614
Back To Basics: Picking Up The Tab With the FlyerAug 9654
Flyer Live: Tackling On-the-Spot EditingSep 9564
Flyer Pre-Flight Check: Tuning the Flyer For Max PerformanceNov 9658
The Flyer Suite: Auto Split Edits, The Freeze-Frame Effect, Heatwave, Backup Relief, Flyer RecallDec 9526
The Flyer Suite: Flyer Audio Match-upsOct 9530
The Flyer Suite: Flyer CornucopiaMar 9626
The Flyer Suite: Flying Your Clip On a PlaneNov 9612
The Flyer Suite: For Your Edit-ficationSep 9522
The Flyer Suite: Hey, Cool Effect!: Flashing Text EffectJan 9628
The Flyer Suite: More Quick Tips For Flyer UsersJul 9614
The Flyer Suite: The New FlyerFeb 9626
The Flyer Suite: New Flyer Software!Nov 9530
The Flyer Suite: The Secrets of SuccessJun 9614
Flyer Tip - Note on Stutter PreventionJun 9626
Just Say No To ADO! How To Be A Stunt PilotJul 9660
Power of the Screen: Bluescreen Effects With the FlyerNov 9654
Prepare For Takeoff: Audio Editing Tricks For The FlyerAug 9562
Tech Tip: Flyer A/B RollsMar 9611
Tech Tip: Voiding A/V Temp FilesApr 9610
Those Wacky Macros: ARexx, Schmay-RexxJun 9665
To Fly or Not To Fly: NewTek's Non-linear EditorApr 9526
Troubleshooting 101: Tracking Down Flyer ErrorsSep 9622

Achieving Maximum Wireless Mic PerformanceFeb/Mar 9370
Adjusting Audio LevelsAug/Sep 9338
Angle Your Walls: Home Studio DesignMay 9440
Audio DelaysOct/Nov 9338
Audio For VideoFeb/Mar 9348
Audio Mixing and SweeteningOct 9532
The Basics of Audio ConsolesFeb 9444
Capturing the Excitement: Recording Sound For a Wedding or EventDec/Jan 9524
Digital Audio BasicsOct 9418
Digital Audio Recording FormatsJul 9524
Don't Compromise Your Audio: Affordable AudioMar 9438
An Ear For Video: Speaking the Language of MIDINov 9424
Field Microphone TechniquesJul 9430
Finer Points of Audio Levels: VU Meters and Level MatchingJun 9528
Fish Poles and Other Mic MountsMay 9530
Handling HumJun 9436
MIDI and the AmigaFeb/Mar 9354
Monitoring AudioSep 9418
Recording Music On Location: Basic Techniques For Quality SoundMar 9524
Roll Your Own: Making Audio CDs From Flyer ClipsOct 9646
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Determining Technical Quality of Audio SignalsFeb 9526
Sound Check: Understanding Common Audio ProblemsApr 9532
Sound Effects and Production MusicApr 9430
Time For Audio Toasting: Audio and Music in Video ProductionJun/Jul 9342
Time To Sychronize: Techniques For Maximizing Your Audio TracksAug 9528
Up Close and Personal: Microphone BasicsJan 9438
Wireless MicrophonesAug 9428

2D Cel Animation: The Merger of Freehand and Computer ArtFeb 94108
2D Toons: Amiga Toons Prepare For BroadcastOct 9630
Altered States: ADPro, ImageFX, Imagemaster R/tJul 9454
Animations On The CheapNov 9526
Animation UpdateMay 9446
ARexx-a-phobia? Batch Processing Made SimpleDec 9558
As the Map Turns: Seamless 3D Surface and Image MapsMay 9626
Batch This Too! Synergistic Reader MagicApr 9664
Batch This! The Final ChapterJul 9654
Buttering Your Toaster: Paint Programs and Their Uses With the Video ToasterMay 9558
Creating Cel Animation: 2D Toons Are Here To StayNov 9462
Expanding Your Outlook: In Search of the Ultimate FontMar 9532
Fonts for TVOct/Nov 9248
A Fountain of FontsDec/Jan 9297
From Business Cards to 3D LogosJan 94116
Graphics TranslationMar 9448
The Great Frame Up: Maximizing Framegrabs For Photo PrintsOct 9658
Holograms: A New Way to Bring Your Work to LifeJun 9646
How To Create a Company BrochureJun/Jul 9392
Image ProcessingFeb 9450
Logos and Beyond: Integrating Print and Video Using TypesmithApr 9486
Morphing!Oct/Nov 9264
Paint Parade: Part 1, Creative Background Image OptionsJun 9570
Painting and Image Processing ProductsSep 9538
Painting With Light: The Digital AirbrushAug 9564
Picture Maker: Real Art vs. Computer Created ImagesMay 9542
Pixel 3D and LightWave: Part 1Apr/May 9236
Pixel 3D and LightWave: Part 2Jun/Jul 9238
Pixel Crunching: Image-Processing Programs For The ToasterJun 9544
Robo Jr: Making Animation MagicOct/Nov 9378
Rotoscoping: Manipulating Your Video Toaster FramesMar 94116
Taming ARexx: Image FX Cures ARexx-a-PhobiaJun 9664
Toasted Fonts: An Overview of Font OptionsApr/May 9381
Video Paint and the Toaster: A Full Palette of Paint ChoicesMay 9482
Video to Print: Print PublishingMar 9660

Accelerators: How Fast Is Fast?Apr 9642
Buying Used/Demo and B-Stock Broadcast EquipmentAug/Sep 9386
Configuring the Sony EVO-9650Jun/Jul 93100
Emerging Video Technologies: S-VHS Editing DecksJun/Jul 9372
Grasping The Big Picture: The LCD Solution for Toaster PresentationsApr 9448
How to Build a Desktop Video SystemJun/Jul 9356
Mass StorageAug 9546
Money Stretching Toaster Monitor ConfigurationJun/Jul 93108
Monitor Mania: Choosing the Right Monitor for Studio and FieldOct 9556
The Need For Speed: Raptor Plus Meets All ExpectationsDec/Jan 9528
The Networking Dilemma: Exploring Networking Options For AmigaSep 9658
Networking ToastersJun/Jul 9266
Off The Wall Images: Video ProjectorsFeb 9472
The Perfect Image: Tools For Tweaking Video SignalsAug 9532
Power in Numbers: Networking Video Toaster Flyer NLE'sMay 9654
Preparing For LightWave PC: Cheaper Hardware, Faster Rendering Are HereApr 9538
Smart Shopping: Buying Used EquipmentJul 9486
Toaster Animation Output OptionsJan 9488
Toaster Editing with the Sony EVO-9700Aug/Sep 9274
To the Power of X: Exabyte Tape TransferApr 9482
The Ultimate Toaster Peripheral: Buying a PCMar 9544
The Video Toaster Reborn: Interview With Tim JenisonJun 9556

The Add-On Roundup: Fly High With Third-Party ProductsSep 9644
The Amiga Comes ThroughJun 9618
Amiga User's Guide to the GalaxyJan 9640
Batch Processing and ARexxJan 9452
Batch Processing With The Video ToasterOct/Nov 9396
Blue Ribbon Soundworks: Music Tools for VideoFeb/Mar 9366
Directory Assistance: Compiling and Organizing Clip ArtNov 9418
The CD Parade: Textures and ObjectsAug 9552
CD-ROM Texture Collections: Captivating Surfaces For MappingMay 9570
A Cornucopia of LightWave Utilities on the NetsApr 9544
CyberspaceDec/Jan 9294
CyberspaceFeb/Mar 93108
CyberspaceJun/Jul 93106
The Data Is Out ThereSep 9620
Ding, Dong, GIF is Dead: New Tex and Picture Format on the InternetMay 9622
Explosions and Lightning: Utilities For Your 3D ArsenalJun 9536
Finding Sites and CLI UtilitiesNov 9540
Free Stuff on the InternetFeb 9630
The Gem Round-Up: Everything You Need For Your Software KitJul 9628
I'll Take That... and That... Quick Fixes for ADPro, ImageFX and Virutal Memory JunkiesDec 9536
Image Processing Utilities: Help For ADPro and ImageFXSep 9532
The Information HighwayJun 9440
Internet ResourcesApr 9626
LightWave 3D UtilitiesOct 9422
LightWave 3D UtilitiesOct/Nov 93112
Make the Switch: Image Format ConvertersAug 9538
A New Distribution ChannelFeb 9536
New Software Revamps Old ProgramsMar 9538
New Toys From the WWWOct 9624
PD on CDAug 9440
PlayClip: Configuring DirOpus to Play Flyer ClipsJan 9632
Raiders of the Lost ArchivesOct 9554
Relieving Frustration: Helpful Video UtilitiesDec/Jan 9538
Riding the LightWaveOct 9540
Sound Utilties: How To Find the Best Audio DigitizersSep 9428
Stop, Look and Listen: Sound Utilities For The AmigaJul 9532
Synergistic Salsa: Graphics Software to Enhance the ToasterOct/Nov 9260
Toaster CD-ROM File SystemsFeb 9654
TRexx Professional vs. Slideshow from HellAug/Sep 9240
Video On the Web: Promising Technologies and More Cool StuffNov 9624
Your Own Home Page: GIF Isn't Dead Quite YetAug 9620

Understanding Video / Techniques
ABCs of Video, Part 1: From Acronyms to UnderstandingOct/Nov 9266
ABCs of Video, Part 2: A Lesson in Video EconomicsDec/Jan 9290
ABCs of Video, Part 3: Color FramingAug/Sep 9372
ABCs of Video, Part 4: System TimingOct/Nov 9374
ABCs of Video, Part 5: Match Frame EditingJan 9456
ABCs of Video, Part 6: More About Match Frame EditingFeb 9466
ABCs of Video, Part 7: Live Switching With the ToasterMar 9490
The Art of Commercials: Tips From The ProOct 9612
Behind the Green Lines, Part 1: Understanding the SignalOct 9442
Behind the Green Lines, Part 2: Understanding the Color SignalNov 9446
The Bleeding Edge: LightWave 3D in Game DevelopmentAug 9628
Bringing It All Back Home: Shooting Video With Editing in MindApr/May 9358
Color Bar AdjustmentOct 9536
Don't Worry We'll Fix It In Post: Reparing Problem FootageJul 9518
Everyone Knows Our Job: Creating A TV Commercial That WorksAug 9614
The Evolving TBC: Understanding TBCs and Proc AmpsFeb 9460
Forensic Video: Video In the CourtroomAug 9457
From the Hollywood Palladium to the High School Auditorium: Surviving a Live PresentationMay 9546
From Home Video To Home Box Office, Part 1: Pre-Production, Production, Lighting, Camera, SoundOct/Nov 9238
From Home Video To Home Box Office, Part 2: Post-ProductionJun/Jul 9362
From Home Video to Home Box Office, Part 3: Script-WritingAug/Sep 9377
Here Comes the Bride: How To Profit From Wedding VideographyAug 9451
How To Break Into Cable TVAug 9522
How to Capture the Best Image and Sound, Part 1: The SceneJan 9480
How to Capture the Best Image and Sound, Part 2: The Imaging ProcessFeb 9454
How to Capture the Best Image and Sound, Part 3: The Audio ProcessMar 9482
How to Capture the Best Image and Sound, Part 4: The Recording ProcessApr 9436
How To Make An Impressive Demo ReelAug/Sep 9392
I Do Too! The Golden Rules of Wedding VideographyMay 9646
Lighting in the Real World: Basic Light Kit TechniquesMay 9462
Lighting Tips For the Entry-Level ProfessionalApr/May 9363
Looking Through the Looking Glass: Choosing a Camera LensJan 9468
Making a Music VideoJul 9460
Making Money With Video: Toast the CompetitionApr/May 9344
Mall Merriness: Christmas VideosDec 9522
Mirror, Mirror: Profit at Your Beckoned CallJun 9448
Multimedia and the Toaster: Turning Your Video Production Skills Into Multimedia JobsJun 9550
Of Test Patterns and Hardware: Color BarsJul 9528
Pure Magic: Conquering the Animation BusinessNov 9558
Ready, Willing and Able!Apr 9616
The Roving Eye: The Key to Producing Effective TV CommercialsMar 9520
Shooting for the Edit: Jump Cuts, Screen Direction, and ContinuityMar 9486
Shooting Video for Toaster EditingJun/Jul 9382
Showing Off: Using the Flyer as a Presentation SystemNov 9626
Slam Dunk To Opportunity: Sports Video ProductionMay 9552
Special Interst Video: Food For the Starving Video ArtistDec 9544
Star In Your Own Movie: A Money Idea For Flyer OwnersSep 9610
Timing is Everything: Video Sync Signals ExplainedDec/Jan 9246
Toaster Effects and Continuity: Using Transitions EffectivelyDec/Jan 92106
The Toaster Goes International: Standards ConversionOct/Nov 9346
Toaster Television CommercialsApr/May 9222
Using a TBC with Your ToasterDec/Jan 9250
What You Need to Know about Lens Filters and Add-OnsFeb 9478
Wuzzy Fuzzy? How Could You Tell?May 9470

Abetting Productions: Cooking Up SuccessJun 9510
AGA Digital Studios: LightWave Jell-OOct 9512
All Pro Video: Nathan BacherApr/May 9234
American Music Awards: Jennifer McKnewDec/Jan 9234
Area 51: Fiddle to the Coffee, Where Toasters Play Second MachineMar 9546
Atomic Toaster CatalogAug/Sep 9210
Babylon 5: From Script to ScreenJun 9458
The Babylon 5 Project: Toaster Goes HollywoodApr/May 9249
Babylon 5: Ron ThorntonOct/Nov 9210
Before It's Too Late: Safe Sex Pays OffJan 9612
The Boys of Summer: Professional BaseballAug/Sep 9347
Burning Visions Productions: Toaster On FireApr 968
The Burt Wilson Company: The One-Man Show That Clients LoveMay 968
Chabot College Television: Distance Learning at Chatbot CollegeSep 9636
CIA: Office of Imagery AnalysisJul 9412
Club Lingerie: Virtual RealityAug/Sep 9270
Computer Café: Dive Into a LightWave WorldFeb 9512
Crystal Planet ProductionsDec/Jan 9218
Daniel Ablan: The Road to 3D EntrepreneurshipJan 9420
Dearborn High School: Video Toaster HighAug/Sep 9248
Discovery of Pnaci: Dances with ToastFeb/Mar 9374
Dr. Kenneth LarsonFeb/Mar 9312
EMA Video Productions: My Way - Video As Fine As WineJul 968
Fabien Bourdon: Built For the FutureOct 9512
Fly Fishing Video MagazineFeb/Mar 9312
Free Range Digital Imaging: A New Brand of Digital EffectsSep 9458
From DNA To PSA: The Toaster in MedicineOct 9548
Gabriel DunneFeb 968
Good Enough For Government Work: The Toaster at Work in City HallMar 9550
Good Samaritan Medical CenterJun/Jul 9316
Grant Boucher ProductionsApr/May 9316
Halo GraphicsDec/Jan 9218
Hercules: From Myth to MonsterJul 9540
Hollywood, New York Ltd.Apr/May 9316
Hongkong Bank of Canada: Stock Animations to the RescueApr 9514
How Video (Almost) Killed the Radio Star: A Famous Bay Area Radio PersonalityApr/May 9218
HP ProductionsAug/Sep 9210
Hypernauts: Launching HypernautsMay 9630
IDEA Conference: Toaster Enters a New BallgameMay 9422
Illustrated Classics: Juping Off The PageNov 9630
Infinity Video Productions: Video Production FranchisesMar 9610
Inside Lightwave: Interview with LW3D creators Stuart Ferguson and Allen HastingsOct 9454
Joe Conti: Hollywood Visual ArtistJun/Jul 9258
Justice BrothersAug/Sep 9319
Kalahari: Eye Of The BeholderSep 9626
The Leo Awards: Toast on the RoadApr/May 9394
Lighthouse Imaging: Shining the SpotlightOct 9610
The Magic Camera Co: James Bond Gets A Hand From LightWave 3DAug 9624
Media Design Group: Toast of the TownJun/Jul 9252
Mike Danger: RockasaurusDec/Jan 9256
Mr. Bill's Walter WilliamsApr 9550
Nutopia: Todd Rundgren's 3D Animation StudioFeb/Mar 9316
Olympia High SchoolFeb/Mar 9312
Optic Nerve: Creature FeatureOct/Nov 9290
Optical Arts Group: A 3D LifestyleOct/Nov 9316
Orange County Ad Club AwardsJun/Jul 9232
Pacific PicturesDec/Jan 9218
Peralta and Walton Media ProductionsJun/Jul 9316
Photo-Classified ChannelOct/Nov 9218
Post Video EffectOct/Nov 9218
Powered Up: LightWave 3D In An Explosive Training VideoOct 9636
Ralph Nader: Making Stone Soup with the Video ToasterDec/Jan 9240
Revolution: the Making of...Aug/Sep 9226
Rick FinnAug/Sep 9318
Robocop Comes AliveAug 9444
Rush Limbaugh: Rushing To Use the ToasterFeb 9514
Seaquest DSV: Behind the ScenesAug/Sep 9352
Secrets of a Homicide: Exploring the JFK AssassinationNov 9436
Sleep Stealers/TD>Aug 9512
Southern Lights Productions: Squash Anyone?Oct/Nov 9316
Space Above and Beyond: Reach Beyond the StarsNov 9562
Space Marines: Remarkable RenderingOct 9544
Special Olympic World GamesSep 9510
Star Trek Voyager: Caught in the Galactic LightWaveMar 9513
Stross ManagementFeb 9550
Tanker Media: Working on Cloud 9Jul 958
Technical Difficulties: Toasting to the Sound of Alternative MusicOct 948
Tec-TrainOct/Nov 9218
Thomas G. Sampson, M.D.Jul 9413
Tim Jenison: A Conversation With Tim JenisonApr 9470
Tim Jenison and Paul Montgomery: The Men Behind the MachineAug/Sep 9356
Tim Jenison and Paul Montgomery: The Men Behind The Machine IIOct/Nov 9360
T.J.Martell Foundation at the Hollywood PalladiumApr/May 9220
The Toaster Gets Drafted: Military and Government Toaster UsersJul 9638
Toaster MarmaladeApr/May 9317
Todd Rundgren: Toasting with ToddMar 9452
The Tonight Show: Toasterizing the Late-Night CompetitionNov 948
The Treasures of the CzarsDec 958
Valeria Burgos: Video Toaster in BrazilDec/Jan 9264
Videodata CommunicationsDec/Jan 9218
VideoEDITServiceAug/Sep 9210
Video Law ServicesOct/Nov 9218
Wayne's World II: Garth and Brad: The Untold StoryOct/Nov 9368
Weird TV: Paranormal Guerrilla TelevisionMar 9646
Will Vinton Studios: Sweet Secrets, The Birth of an IconJan 9654

Amiga-Authorized Dealers (US/Canada): The Amiga Lives!Mar 9612
Amiga Technologies: Can the Amiga Fly Again?Jan 9650
Exploring Amiga/Mac EmulationMar 9554
The Need For Speed: Faster AmigaAug/Sep 9382

A Complete Business Tutorial For Freelance VideographersApr/May 9349
The Bumpy Road to Leased AccessMay 9450
Business Opportunities: Video EntrepeneursMar 9474
Business Opportunities: Special-Interest Video Offers RewardsApr 9440
Cashing in on the ToasterFeb 9482
Clearing the Way: Navigating Legal Clearance IssuesNov 9638
Dollars and Sense: Budgeting For Your Small BusinessFeb 9646
How to Get a Job as an AnimatorApr 9458
I Do! I Do! - Breaking Into Wedding VideographyApr 9652
Knowing Your Worth: How To Negotiate and Budget a ScriptMay 9520
Market Your Video for Maximum Profits!Mar 9644
Running an Animation Business: How To Gauge the Value of Your ServicesMar 9528

The Annual Resource RoundupJun 9624
ARexx to the RescueJul 9440
Ask and You Shall Receive: Getting the Most Out Of NewTek Technical SupportMay 9644
Back To Back Ups: Developing Good Back Up HabitsOct 9650
Canned Animation: Stock AnimationOct/Nov 9299
CD-ROM Parade: Follow the Leaders!Jan 9660
Dear JohnApr/May 9210
Dear JohnJun/Jul 9212
Dear JohnAug/Sep 9216
Dear JohnOct/Nov 9224
Dear JohnDec/Jan 9226
Dear JohnFeb/Mar 9338
Dear JohnApr/May 9318
Dear JohnJun/Jul 9324
Dear JohnAug/Sep 9322
Dear John: From Here to ThereOct/Nov 9320
Dear John: Scanning SlidesJan 9422
Dear John: Alpha ImagesFeb 9430
Dear John: How to Parent an ObjectMar 9424
Dear John: Jagged RealitiesApr 9420
Dear John: Rotoscoping RealitiesMay 9426
Dear John: Fiscally SpeakingJun 9420
Dear John: Third Party SoftwareJul 9414
Dear John: The Toaster Answer ManAug 9422
Dear John: Working in ModelerSep 9416
Dear John: Just Like the ProsOct 9416
Dear John: Solving a Logo Scene DilemmaNov 9415
Dear John: Lens Flare Mysteries ExplainedOct 9524
Dear John: Broadcast-Quality OutputJan 9516
Dear John: Field RenderingFeb 9524
Dear John: RGBs, Rail Extrude and Z-BuffersMar 9522
Dear John: Time to ExterminateApr 9530
Dear John: Weighing Your OptionsMay 9524
Dear John: Going to the MoviesJun 9526
Dear John: Crash QuestionsJul 9520
Dear John: I Want My DCTVAug 9526
Dear John: Global Q&ANov 9524
Dear John: Amiga and PC RelationsDec 9570
Dear John: Be a LightWave ScribeJan 9622
Dear John: Face FactsFeb 9620
Dear John: The Default SceneMar 9620
Dear John: Your LightWave WorldApr 9620
Dear John: Getting To Know LightWave 5.0July 9619
Dr. Toaster: Problems, Begone!Feb 9640
Dr. Toaster: The Doctor Is In!Mar 9640
Dr. Toaster: Spring FeverApr 9632
Dr. Toaster: Toaster ER!May 9625
Dr. Toaster: Get In The GameJul 9616
Dr. Toaster: Where Does It Hurt?Aug 9612
Dr. Toaster: Toaster 4.1 RxSep 9612
Dr. Toaster: Stand By Your ToasterOct 9616
Dr. Toaster: Dr. Toaster's Patients Speak UpNov 9614
Dr. VideoOct/Nov 9212
Dr. VideoDec/Jan 928
Dr. VideoFeb/Mar 9334
Dr. VideoApr/May 9326
Dr. VideoJun/Jul 9334
Dr. VideoAug/Sep 9330
Dr. Video: The TerminatorOct/Nov 9324
Dr. Video: The Genlock MysteryJan 9428
Dr. Video: Got the Jitters?Feb 9440
Dr. Video: A Look at Time CodeMar 9432
Dr. Video: Slippery When WetApr 9426
Dr. Video: Crazy from the HeatMay 9434
Dr. Video: The Dubbing DilemmaJun 9428
Dr. Video: Horizontal TimingJul 9422
Dr. Video: Setting Subcarrier PhaseAug 9432
Educating AgnesSep 9548
From Prototype to ProfitsJul 9642
Leading Vendors Serving the Personal Video Production IndustrySep 9435
Looking Down the Information Highway, Part 1: What It Means for YouJun 9468
Looking Down the Information Highway, Part 2: Why the Government Is So InterestedJul 9449
Magic Toaster Magic: The Toaster Rubs Aladdin's LampAug 9656
Making the Grade: Toaster Technology At Stephen Leacock InstituteOct 9626
Navigation Basics: Telecommunication ConceptsMar 9630
Navigating the Repair ProcessJun 968
Passport to CyberspaceOct/Nov 9258
Professional Edit Suites You Can Rent By the HourJun/Jul 9386
SlicesApr/May 926
SlicesJun/Jul 926
SlicesAug/Sep 9212
SlicesOct/Nov 9220
Slices: A Grab Bag of TipsJan 9434
Slices: Thanksgiving 1995Nov 9536
Slices: Looking ForwardMar 9642
Slices: A Toaster Grab BagApr 9638
Sony Video Institute: The ABCs of VideoApr/May 9376
Special F/X Secrets: Mirror and Reflection EffectsApr/May 9330
Special F/X Secrets: Rain and Water EffectsJan 9442
Special F/X Secrets: Taking Aim - Non-pyrotechnic ProjectilesOct/Nov 9334
Special F/X Secrets: Tornados, Volcanos, Clouds and MoreJun/Jul 9338
Special F/X Secrets: Winter EffectsAug/Sep 9334
Starting a Video Toaster User Group!Dec/Jan 9268
Taking Stock: Affordable Excellence With Stock FootageSep 9542
Tips & Techniques: Real-Life How-TosOct/Nov 9328
Tips & Techniques: Real-Life How-TosJan 9426
Tips & Techniques: Real-Life How-TosFeb 9434
Tips & Techniques: Real-Life How-TosMar 9428
Tips & Techniques: Using the Toaster's GenlockApr 9422
Tips & Techniques: Mapping ManiaMay 9428
Tips & Techniques: Get Bent Out of ShapeJul 9418
Tips & Techniques: Experimenting In LightWaveAug 9426
Tips & Techniques: Interactive JournalismOct 9432
Tips & Techniques: Poor Man's PARMay 9516
Toasterized WWW: Resources and Roadmaps For the NetMay 9640
Toaster Post: The Digital RevolutionJul 9620
The Top 20 Products of NAB 1994May 9414
To the Victors Go the Spoils: The Forces That Shaped HDTVMar 9458
Video On the WWW: Guide To Resources on the InternetJul 9622
VTU Expo 1996Nov 9652
VTU Expo 1995Feb 9642
The Wavey AwardsNov 9546
The WEVA ReportNov 9646
Who Ya Gonna Call? Important Numbers to KnowJun 9656

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