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Hammond Sounder
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Purchased new in December of 1975 for CAN$ 750.00.

dhomas began developing his musical skills playing the Hammond Sounder organ. Starting at the age of 9, he had a seemingly instinctual ability to play, what was to him the 'obvious' melody, without any ability to read notation.

His first dabbling in song arrangement came after having purchased the entire series of Sounder Songbooks, at which point he started collecting other songbooks. Having first played by number, he learned to correlate numbers with notes as other music did not include the numeric notation. It was also necessary for him to determine auto-chord chordings and sounds that best suited the new songs. Though he now knows the names of all the notes, if you listen carefully you might still hear him whispering numbers to himself from time to time.

Although the Sounder has been disassembled and reassembled numerous times (Hammon d'Eggs), it remains operational and still lives in the studio. dhomas played it almost obsessively for some 9 years until it was joined by a Roland Juno-106 synthesizer in 1984.

A fascination with animals even existed at an early age. dhomas recalls this excerpt from one of the Sounder Songbooks, as his favourite song to play: