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Korg KPR-77
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Purchased new on September 28th, 1984 for CAN$ 514.80.

Used for some early collaboration projects and was then sold to buy a Yamaha RX-11 on October 31st, 1985.

  • Tone generators: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, High-Hat Open, High-Hat Close, Cymbal/Handclaps, Tom Low, Tom High, Metronome
  • Accent: All instruments
  • Flam: Tom Low and Tom High
  • Mode: Write: Play, Training
  • Basic Bank: Basic 3 Group x 16 Bank = 48 banks, Chain Bank: Chain 3 Group x 2 Bank = 6 banks
  • Step Number: Basic 32 steps/bank, Chain 128 pattern steps/bank
  • Resolution: 4/6/8/12
  • Music Function: Fine/DS, Repeat Times (1-8), DC, DS, One Times/Repeat, Start/Stop
  • Edit Functions: All Clear, Basic Erase, Step Up, Step Down, Bar Set, Basic View, Chain View
  • Tempo: quarter = 35/min - 208/min
  • Display: Liquid crystal display (Group, Basic Bank, Chain Bank, Bar No, Step Indicator, Repeat Times and other information
  • Tape Interface: Save, Load, Check, Disable/Enable switch
  • Mixer: Metronome, Accent, BD, SD, HH, Cym/Clps, Tom
  • Synchro: Din Jack, In/Out Swithc
  • Input Jack: Start/Stop, Tape In, 9V power in
  • Output Jack: Stereo Out (Mix/Right, Left), SD/Clps, Phones, Trig Out (Tom Low, Tom High), Tape Out
  • Power: UM2 x 4 or DC9V
  • Dimensions: 362(W) x 199.6(D) x 72(H) mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg (with batteries)
  • Accessories: AC adaptor, Case, Memory cassette, Connection cord