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the world the body the grave: Review
It was excellent! I absolutely would not change a thing about this song. the world the body the grave achieves a strong atmosphere-effect, totally grabbing the listener and focusing their attention 100% on the music. The soft drums and waves/water sound lull one into the song at the beginning and hold your attention throughout. Everything works/comes together cleanly. That is, I cannot detect anything in the song that sounds out of place.

The tune expressed through the female vocals is beautiful and are complemented perfectly by the whispering masculine voice. This is one song where whispering vocals work so well. The male and female voices seem to synergise with the music to create a sort of haunting effect. I am not being syncophantic here, belive me, I really do love this song.

The richness of sound and originality of the song make it one of the best I have heard. Indeed, I consider it a plus that the world the body the grave does not remind me of another artist's work. This is a strong symbol of orginality.

Overall, I consider this to be an excellent single. I found myself listening to it repeatedly and that is surely the bottom line. If you like something, you listen to it a lot.

Darren Campbell