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SalesSite™ Product Sales Manager
SalesSite™ Product Sales Manager is a website based system for selling products of any kind on the internet. Developed from our extensive experience creating automated systems, this system automates the tedious tasks typically associated with online merchandising.

See a live demonstration of the system here.
  • Integrated shopping cart (disabled on demo site)
  • Main page Featured items.
  • Product group display for items, such as clothing, that are available with variations (size, color, etc).
  • Fast keyword search with ranked ordering.
  • Additional company pages: About Us, Contact Us, Company Policies.
  • ... and much more ...
Shopping Cart
  • Redeemable discount coupons
  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Previous visit recall
Data Import
  • Product data import from standard tab delimited text files.
  • Optional product filtering based on quantity available and cost price.
  • Automatic selling price calculations based on cost price, shipping cost and markup.
  • Direct support for Doba drop-shipper.
Data Export / Marketing
  • Automatic generation/submission of Froogle merchant data files.
  • Automatic generation of Google and Yahoo! sitemap files, with automatic notification.
  • Optionally configured to use your own domain name
  • Optional HTML/CSS based templates for customization of site design and product data display.
Contact us for pricing and other information about this service.