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StreamSite™ Streaming Events Manager
StreamSite™ Streaming Events Manager is the original website based management system for live event and archived multimedia broadcasting on the internet - including special features such as Pay-Per-View, Live Voting, and merchandise sales. Developed from our extensive experience managing live internet broadcasts, this system automates the tedious tasks typically associated with it.

  • Reliable broadcasting rivals that of typically unreliable free services
  • Pay-Per-View live event and archived multimedia broadcasting
  • Live Voting module side-by-side with the live event broadcast
  • No setup required. You simply provide us with basic information about your event, such as title, date, time, and pricing... then later for live events, just transmit a broadcast to one of our streaming media servers or that of a third party - everything else is done for you.
  • Live and/or Archived events
  • Event view modes can be designated as:
    • Pay-Per-View
    • Private access with individual or group passwords
    • Free on an unlimited basis
    • Free on a limited basis, with automatic rollover to Pay-Per-View
  • Multi-Event Passes with automatic event tracking and price reduction as events expire
  • Multi-Event Group Passes allow multiple event access with different pricing for individuals, businesses, groups, etc
  • Handles simultaneous and back-to-back events and blocks viewers from freely watching events they haven't paid for
  • Copyright, Title, Author and other media attributes automatically added to all broadcast streams
Event Schedule
  • Automatic event schedule generation, with categorized events
  • Time zone handling for customers and broadcasts in completely different parts of the world
  • Event Begins/Began...hours/minutes status automatically displays independently for each event on the day of that event's broadcast - making it easy for customers to know the exact time an event begins in their own time zone
  • Automatic event Is Running Late status notifications
  • To Be Announced mode for advance promotion of events with uncertain details, that might change, or may be cancelled
  • Color-coded event listings make it easy to discern live and archived events and multi-event passes
  • Automatic removal of expired events - so customers can't try to purchase events that have already ended
  • In advance and during event ordering
  • Built-in shopping cart accepts payments via all major credit cards, eCheck, and PayPal
  • Expensive merchant bank and credit card accounts are NOT required
  • Automatic account/password generation gives customers fast access to events - even during an event
  • Password recall reissues the same passwords to repeat customers
Live Voting
  • Administrator's Live Vote Manager allows activation of vote items
  • Simultaneous event broadcasting with side-by-side live voting
  • Vote countdown timer with expiration warning
  • Immediate voting results
  • Previous vote count recall
Customer Event Manager
  • Private login area with personalized event details for customers
  • Today's Live Events shows the customer what events are broadcasting that day, and indicates which ones they have already ordered. Event/status features described under Event Schedule above also apply here
  • Automatic monitoring of when a broadcast starts - ensures that the viewer never gets directed to a stream that isn't broadcasting
  • Your Archived Events gives the customer access to archived events that have been ordered
Customer Service
  • Try Before You Buy - Troubleshooting Problems information section helps customers help themselves, and eliminates orders from customers with problematic computers or internet connections
  • Complimentary event and multi-event access passes
  • Sales invoices automatically generated and emailed to you as customers place orders
  • Customer email and postal address information is collected and provided to you for promotion of future events and marketing analysis
  • Windows Media or Flash streaming provide high quality broadcasts
  • True streaming media broadcasting allows immediate control of archived events: fast forward, rewind, jump to time, pause, play
  • Use our international based streaming servers or those of a third party
Service Costs
  • Risk-free, inexpensive per stream connection charges
  • No setup, maintenance, or other fees charged for standard service
  • Optionally configured to use your own domain name
  • Optional automatically rotating sponsor banner ads can be displayed along with the event schedule and in the player window
  • Optional HTML template based design

Contact us for pricing and other information about this service.