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Windows Explorer Viewers : Plugins
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 2000+
With Windows Explorer Viewers Windows users can take advantage of its integrated Thumbnails view to preview the special image formats supported by the following plugins:

  • Aura/Mirage Viewer 1.0
  • .dip: DEEP format brushes.
  • .aur and .mir: Aura/Mirage project files.
  • Aura/Mirage not required

  • Video Toaster Viewer 1.0
  • .rtv: RTV1 and RTV2 multimedia files.
  • Video Toaster not required. However, the following files from a Video Toaster installation will need to be copied to a system without a Video Toaster: nt_tools.dll, proof.dll, RTVLib2.dll

  • Thumbnail view mode
Pricing and Ordering
Proceed to the youngmonkey store for pricing and ordering.