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big SELF: Review
big SELF  was entirely enjoyable. Smacking this puppy into a walkman is like entering a Ridley Scott film. The music surrounds you with an aural haze imbuing even the most mundane of scenes with a sense of magic. It was a soundtrack for life that seemed to remake itself with every listening.

I walk everywhere, as I think automobile are demon-spawns, and am never without music to make the walking seem shorter. big SELF  made a leisurely stroll downtown into a wonderfully visual poem. Life, in many shapes and forms, going on about its doings; but in my minds eye, it all danced to your music.

My favourite piece, if I were to be threatened with bodily harm to choose just one, is the deep mix of the world the body the grave. It's difficult to say why. I think it may be affected by whatever I may have been watching while listening. Kids on their way to school, pigeons flying down to the cemetery for bread-crumbs, squirrels staunchly defending their territory against the purple/grey invaders; all this and more moved, rather danced, to the world the body the grave.

The various sounds; whether you may call it ambient cacophony or cacophonic ambience; it is unlike anything else; yet still reminds me, in turns, of the Cocteau Twins, Orb, and Ennio Morriconne.

I tried listening to the tape as I lay on my bed with all the lights turned off. Letting the music fill the darkness and bringing its own visions without outside influence. I imagined large expanses of land and sea, the wind howling forcefully, yet the scene was a peaceful one. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, sort of like watching the Earth's land masses evolve from drab molten rock to wildly colourful flora and fauna.

In all, big SELF  is a terrific tape. I hope to hear much more in the future.

Calum I. Johnston (CHSR-FM's "Cal Rifkin")