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About Commander

One of the drawbacks of many programs is the lack of a customizable user interface. Functions, such as ARexx scripting and plug-ins, often have to be started via file requesters or multi-level menus. This approach can slow down your workflow - and often hinder your creative energy.

ImageFX, for example, lacks a customizable (or updated) command interface. When new modules/hooks scripts are added to the program (home-made, pd, shareware, or commerical) you're required to select those functions through a file requester or other means. This can slow down the creative process. Commander is the solution to that problem.


  • Can control any program that has an ARexx command set. If you have an application that you would like to see Commander support for, please let us know.
  • Commander is currently available for: ImageFX. See special features below.
  • Extensive customization allows the user to design multiple interfaces for all kinds of different approaches to working. Just about everything is customizable, including: layout, fonts, gadgets, colors, images, etc.
  • Openable on any public screen. Can be run multiple times on the same screen and/or on different screens, each with a different or same GUI.
  • Can control more than one application from one GUI.
  • GUIs are designed external to the main program. This minimizes memory requirements and increases the interface speed.
  • Includes useful examples and tutorials to get you started. Example files can be modified to meet your needs, or new interfaces can be created.
ImageFX Features
  • Works with any version of ImageFX under WB2.x or higher.
  • Full control of ImageFX via it's ARexx command set. Now you can have immediate access to all those extra hooks and effects that aren't part of the standard ImageFX GUI.
  • Commander can start automatically when ImageFX starts. Quitting Commander can also quit ImageFX.
  • Can be run multiple times on different screens, for multiple simultaneous iterations of ImageFX.
What Will Commander Do?

Commander allows you to customize your own GUI for supported applications, giving you the ability to directly access your favourite ARexx commands, scripts, and plug-ins in a way that works best for you.

If you use a large screen (1280x1024) you may wish to have numerous independently movable panels of grouped commands. If you use a smaller display (640x400) you may prefer to have a page flipping type interface. Or you may want to have multiple configurations for different kinds of workflow. Commander can do it all.

What Won't Commander Do?

Commander won't help you to be creative, but it will help your creative flow by avoiding the hinderance of a cumbersome GUI.


  • WB 2.x+
  • Text editor
  • A supported application (see above)