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Color By Name 1.5 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: TVP Animation 9.0+ or Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 1.0c+ or Aura DV 1.0e+ or Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
Color By Name provides Aura/Mirage with the capability of working with palettes of named colors. No longer do you have to remember which color you used for what - especially if you revisit old projects... pick a color, name it, and away you go. This can be a tremendous time saver, particularly on projects where color consistency is important - such as in cel animation and website design. It's also helpful if you work on group projects, allowing you to easily share palettes without having to worry about including notes about which colors are for what.

Color By Name was specifically created as the result of the author's frustration while working on a cel animation project. It would be much easier to tell which of two similar dark browns, for example, was the color for one character and which was for another if they were named "Man's hair" and "Woman's hair". Colors such as "Dress", "Man's skin", "Woman's skin", "Sandles", etc. made the task much easier.
  • Includes several ready-to-go named palettes: Crayons, HTML Colors (HTML 3.2 + Netscape), and Color Tones (similar to a popular print media color set). Palettes can be easily shared with other Color By Name users.
  • An inifinite number of definable palette sets; where each set can have up to 20 palettes, with up to 256 colors each.
  • Palette sets, palettes and colors can all be named, renamed, and are listed alphabetically.
  • Defined colors can easily be changed at any time.
  • Automatically sets the A or B Pen, and optionally copies Color By Name palettes to the Color Picker.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
Proceed to the youngmonkey store for pricing and ordering, or to the demo download section.