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Commander 1.0
Minimum Requirements
Software: Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 1.0+ or Aura DV 1.0e+ or Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
Basic knowledge of the application's scripting language is recommended.
Commander is a series of command line tools for externally controlling applications with scripting languages. It provides the ability to send individual commands to the application, or to execute script files.

Why would you want to do that? Well...
  • Let's say you have programmed a script that you want to be automatically run regularly, or at a specific date and/or time. Easy. Just create a Windows Task Scheduler task to trigger Commander to run your script whenever needed.
  • Do you have a multimedia/internet keyboard or other configurable input device? Would you like to be able to program those special function buttons (Previous Track, Forward, Stop, Play, etc.) to control functions in your application? Simple. Just alter your Keyboard Properties to trigger Commander with various script commands.
  • Do you want to automate control of multiple applications together? Just create a DOS .bat file including Commander commands intermixed with other program commands.
  • The musically/technically inclined might want to use Commander to explore basic MIDI control of applications.

That's just a few ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Examples of command line syntax:
Commander_Aura -command "tv_SetAPen" -params "255 255 255"
Commander_Mirage -quiet -script "C:\Scripts\Test.grg"
Commander_AuraVT -external -command "tv_LayerImage" -params "0"
Commander_VT -module "DDR" -instance 2 -command "PlaceOntoMainIn()"
  • Versions are available for:
    • Video Toaster: ToasterScript scripting
    • Mirage: Element scripting
    • Aura: George scripting
    • Aura VT*: George scripting
  • Supports all scripting commands
  • Can optionally pass parameters to scripts
  • Optional -quiet parameter to suppress all output, including error messages
  • Includes sample implementation tutorials to get you started

  • * User interactive George commands, such as tv_Request, are only supported by Aura VT when running in standalone mode
Pricing and Ordering
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