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Configuration Cleaner 1.0
Minimum Requirements
Software: Aura 1.0c+ -or- Aura DV 1.0e+ -or- Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
Have you noticed that Aura takes longer and longer to start the more you use it? If you use the program a lot, you very likely have wondered about that at least once or twice. If you enable Save this configuration? when quitting Aura, it remembers a lot more than you may be aware. If for example, you create a large keyframed process with a filter such as KeyFramer, information for every key will be stored in the configuration file on exit. If you're working with 500 or 5000 keyframes, that's a lot of information to remember. And if you're creating multiple named keyframed processes, they're all being remembered. Unless you delete them, they'll be remembered by a configuration forever. With this all going on behind the scenes, the configuration file just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And the bigger it gets, the more work Aura has to do to retrieve all that information when it starts.

Since most filters and functions in Aura let you save related data directly, having it also saved in the configuration file is, for the most part, unnecessary and inefficient. In addition to removing unneeded and outdated data, Configuration Cleaner can also do a little repair work. Aura, and many filters, also remember previously used paths and filenames. Usually this is a good thing; but sometimes, particularly if you have multiple versions of Aura on the same system, it can cause some confusion. The Repair Paths\Files feature interactively lets you examine what's what/where, and make corrections if necessary.
  • Intelligent automatic detection system
  • Compatible with third-party plug-ins
  • Independent Filter and Repair processes
  • Automatic configuration backup with restore capability
Pricing and Ordering
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