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Picture Palette 2.9 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: TVP Animation 9.0+ or Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 1.0c+* or Aura DV 1.0e+*
OS: Windows
Picture Palette, as its name suggests, provides the capability of working with pictures as palettes. Sometimes referred to as Color Models or Color Sheets in the industry, this tool is essential for, but not limited to, animation and color artists. It's as simple as grabbing a rectangle area of any size from a project, or loading a reference picture, and then single-clicking anywhere in the view to set pen colors.

"We both use Picture Palette a lot. I have at least 8 of them opened at all times. Sandra about the same." - Paul Fierlinger, independent animator since 1958.

The Zoom mode makes it easy to accurately select colors. If you want to keep a picture palette for use later, it's just as easy to name and save them - organized however you want. But, if you forgot to save, there's no need to worry because the current picture pallette is automatically saved on exit if it hasn't been saved manually. And the Save Status display lets you know if a new picture palette hasn't been saved. Two window position/size memories per panel, and up to 9 panels opened simultaneously make sure that you've got access to everything you need, where and when you want it.
  • Up to 9 Picture Palette panels open at once, with independent settings and positions.
  • Two window size*/position memories per panel.
  • Single-click setting of either the A Pen (left-click) or B Pen (right-click).
  • Load images directly or quickly grab picture palettes from any project using three different Grab Modes.
  • A sizeable* auto-scaling view means that you can work with any size picture palettes, in any size area of your desktop.
  • Zoom mode for accurate color selection.
  • Automatic or manual background coloring for images/grabs with transparent areas.
  • -NEW- Flip: Horizontal/Vertical
  • Save Status display indicates that a picture palette hasn't been saved.
  • Automatic save/recall of last used picture palette.
  • Palettes can be easily shared with other Picture Palette users.
  • Previews of saved picture palettes make loading the correct palette easy.
  • An infinite number of user palettes.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.

  • * View size is not adjustable in Aura 1.0c and Aura DV 1.0e.
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
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