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Score Keeper 2.0 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 2.0+ or Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
Score Keeper is an intelligent scoreboard overlay generator. Professional scoring for sporting or other events is not only possible... it's simple too - whether you are streaming live to the internet, broadcasting for television, or editing pre-recorded event footage.

"Score Keeper was one of the reasons we purchased the Video Toaster [3] and abandoned the old switcher and CG. It solved a lot of problems. We air 70 basketball games per year and now we are preparing to use it for our baseball season, too." - Rick Vanderwielen, HomeTown Television Corporation

Numerous overlay generation options allow for independent control of the character generation (font, color, size, shadow -NEW-, etc.) and position (x/y, justification -NEW-, spacing) of player's names and scores, and clocks. And a live WYSIWYG preview makes it easy to adjust these settings to fit with custom graphic backdrops.

Built-in Interval and Hold Timers automate the display of the scoreboard overlays when, and for as long as you want. Or, a -NEW- continuous display option keeps a scoreboard and/or clock live all the time. Quick-access scoring buttons, specific to each event, immediately update the scoreboard graphic overlays automatically. For example, the Rugby mode includes score increments of +2, +3, and +5 for each possible goal type. Football: +1, +2, +3, +6. Even unusual scoring such as in Tennis (15, 30, 40, and +1 for tie breakers) are supported, allowing you to use just one plug-in for many different scoring events.

A -NEW- Time Remaining Clock overlay with customizable look (font, color, size, shadow, etc.) and independent positioning for Score, Rounds, and Other overlay displays, adds to the excitement for viewers, as the game end draws closer and closer.

The -NEW- Other overlay generation mode allows you to quickly overlay or drop in custom graphics for: intermissions, technical difficulties notices, sponsor logos, or anything else you might need. Add the optional countdown timer, and this is perfect for pre-game/round countdown graphics.

There's no need to be nervous about making mistakes when scoring a live event, Undo immediately returns the score to what it was before your most recent score change. And full recovery after a computer crash also means that you can get Score Keeper back up and running quickly, without loss of the most recent score data. If, at any time, you want to change settings you can easily switch from Broadcast mode to Preview mode. If the status area indicates L I V E -NEW-, that's to let you know that a scoreboard overlay is currently broadcasting, in case you want to wait for the timer to automatically turn it off.

A -NEW- compact, reorganized GUI design insures that you have immediate access to the controls you need when broadcasting, and quick access to plenty of parameters to customize to your heart's content - all taking up very little of your desktop space.

Direct control for the Video Toaster's switcher is included to automatically initiate a downstream key over video. A variable speed Fadecan also be used for bringing the overlay on/off.

  • Two scoreboard overlay types can be displayed alternatively, consecutively, or independently:
    • Score: Displays current game score
    • Rounds: Displays points scored or game totals for each round (inning/quarter/game/set/etc.) to a maximum of 25 rounds.
  • Automatic Interval and Hold Timers for scoreboard displays, or -NEW- Continuous display mode.
  • -NEW- Other overlay with optional Countdown Clock. Ideal for pre-game/round countdown, intermission, technical difficulties notices, sponsor logos, or other custom graphics
  • Supports alpha channel graphics for all overlays
  • -NEW- Optional Time Remaining Clock overlay for Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer. Independently positionable on Score, Rounds, and Other overlays.
  • Modes: Baseball, Basketball, Curling, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, and Volleyball. Other scoring events can easily be added by request.
  • Live WYSIWYG preview, lets you see exactly what the overlay looks like while you alter parameters.
  • -NEW- Compact, quick-access GUI design.
  • Customizable character generation: font, color, size, shadow -NEW-, justification, etc.
  • Includes a collection of quality sports graphics for creating custom graphic overlays.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.

  • * Fade only supported with Video Toaster
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