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ToolBox 1.5 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: TVP Animation 9.0+ or Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 2.0+* or Video Toaster [2]+*
ToolBox is an essential collection of dozens of quick-function tools that allow users to spend more time being creative and less time fiddling with the program. Its compact, visually descriptive, customizable buttons provide quick access to more tools in less space.

"I use ToolBox AT LEAST every 19 seconds. I could never go back to being without it!" - Paul Fierlinger, independent animator since 1958.

The ability to have up to 9 different ToolBox panels open at once, with any combination of tools in each, means that you can keep the tools you need right next to the places you need to use them. This is particularly exciting for users with multi-monitor desktops. And being able to save tool selections is great if multiple people use the same computer, since each can have their own ToolBox setups.

ToolBox supports four kinds of tools:

  • Tools: ToolBox has custom tools that are designed to make project development much less tedious. Don't be fooled by the seeming simplicity of some of these tools. You'll be surprised at how much time can be saved by using them. And Tool buttons have a special capability that packs even more functionality into each tool, for example: use Click/Drag-Up to create a layer above the current layer, or Click/Drag-Down to create a layer below.

    • Aspect Ratio Change: Change Aspect Ratio from 1.0 to something else. Perfect for converting scanned images to video aspect ratio.
    • Auto Crop*: Crop current frame to minimum size assuming pixel 0,0 is background and copy to new project.
    • Click/Drag Practice: A practice tool for learning the Click/Drag method used by some tools to activate multiple-functions.
    • Color Change: Change A Pen color to B Pen color in the current frame, or all selected frames.
    • Frame Sequencer: Creates a new Anim layer with frames from the current layer, using a given sequence list.
    • Frame To Image Layer: Convert the current frame into an Image layer. Multi-functions: (1) Keep layer length/position (2) Single frame at current position (3) Single frame at start of layer.
    • Frame To New Image Layer: Create a new Image layer starting at the current timeline position and copy the current frame to it. Multi-functions: (1) New layer above (2) New layer below (+) At start of layer.
    • Frame Tracker - Mark: Frame tracking management tools (X-Sheet like). Multi-functions: (1) Mark selected frames (2) Clear markers in selected frames (3) Copy markers to new layer.
    • Frame Tracker - Track: Frame tracking tools (X-Sheet like). Multi-functions: (1) Track current to adjacent frames (2) Track current to all frames (3) Track all frames (4) Copy unique frames to new layer.
    • Half Pan: Perform a 50% X/Y pan. Useful for creating seamless textures.
    • Info: Display information. Multi-functions: (1) Project time: F @ Fps = Time (2) Width, Height and Aspect of the project (3) Width and Height of the brush.
    • Insert Frame: Insert a frame into the current Anim layer. Multi-functions: (1) After current frame (2) Before current frame (+) Copy current frame.
    • Make Matte: Change color/grayscale to alphachannel mask in current frame, or all selected frames. Multi-functions: (1) Black = 100% transparent (2) White = 100% transparent.
    • Move Layer: Move the current layer to the start/end of the project. Multi-functions: (1) Move to Start (2) Move to End (3) Move to 0.
    • Negative Alpha Channel: Invert the alpha channel of the current frame, or all selected frames.
    • New Image Layer To End Layer: Create a new Image layer starting at the current timeline position, and stretch it to the end of the current layer. Multi-functions: (1) New layer above (2) New layer below.
    • New Image Layer To End Project: Create a new Image layer starting at the current timeline position, and stretch it to the end of the project. Multi-functions: (1) New layer above (2) New layer below.
    • Show Pens RGB As HEX: Display the A and B Pens' RGB as hexadecimal. Great for website design.
    • Silhouette: Changes pixels to the A Pen color in the current frame, or all selected frames.
    • Split Layer: Split layer into two layers at the current frame. Multi-functions: (1) New layer above (2) New layer below.
    • Split Project: Split project at the current frame. Multi-functions: (1) Split/Save Left+Right (2) Delete current to start (3) Delete current to end.
    • Stretch By Time: Stretch (or shrink) the current layer by time. Multi-functions: (1) Stretch by seconds (2) Stretch by frames.
    • Stretch To End Layer: Stretch (or shrink) the current layer to the end of the layer above/below it. Multi-functions: (1) Stretch to layer above (2) Stretch to layer below.
    • Stretch To End Project: Stretch the current layer to the end of the project.
    • To New Project*: Cut/Copy frames or current layer to a new project. Multi Functions: (1) Copy selected frames (2) Copy current layer (+) Cut.
    • Transparent Fill: Fill transparent areas (background) of the current frame, or all selected frames, with the A Pen color.
    • Video To Print: Converts the current frame from 72dpi @ 0.9 video aspect to 300dpi @ 1.0 print aspect, and saves it as JPG (100%).

  • Custom Pen: These tools act similarly to Aura and Mirage's Pen Bins, but add more capability. And they're simple to create... Select any Pen tool and set its settings, Profile*, Draw Mode and/or APen Color however you want. Then tell ToolBox to make the current settings a Custom Pen. If you want a custom icon, just doodle a sample of the pen into the project window or design something fancier. ToolBox does all the rest. After that, you have access to those settings with a single button-click.

  • Text Brush: As with Custom Pens, these tools provide quick access to text settings by name (Pop-Up Mode) or via custom icons with editable pop-up help info. Draw Mode and APen Color settings are also supported.

  • Scripts: Similar to Aura's George Bin and Mirage's Element Bin, but with customizable icons and editable pop-up help info. Any George/Element script can be made into a ToolBox tool just by selecting it in the file requester. Script modes (Rectangle, Circle, etc.) are fully supported and indicated in the Status area.
  • Includes ready-to-go Custom Pen sets and Tool icons created by Paul Fierlinger and Bojan Jurc.
  • Up to 9 ToolBox panels open at once, with independent settings, tool selections (up to 100), and desktop positions.
  • Tool organization functions: Select Folder..., Copy To Folder, Move To Folder.
  • Click-Drag tool gadgets allow tools to perform multiple functions.
  • Customizable icons for all tools.
  • Always visible Status area provides instructions, indicates active Custom Pen, reports information, or gives warnings.
  • Editable Inline Help balloons for each tool: Name, Description, Author, Version, Copyright.
  • Custom Pens and icons can be easily shared with other ToolBox users.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.

  • * Custom Pen Profile support and some Tools require Mirage 1.0+, Aura 2.5b+, or Video Toaster [2] Build 3866+
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
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