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Vignette 1.5 : Plugin
Minimum Requirements
Software: TVP Animation 9.0+ or Mirage 1.0+ or Aura 1.0c+* or Aura DV 1.0e+* or Video Toaster [2]+
OS: Windows
Vignette is an alpha-channel motion compositor. It can be used to create vignette style framing or add organic edges (great for adding a tattered look to old photos). Or using the keyframing support, animations can be made for scene transitions (film / video), sci-fi style iris doors, or to create all kinds of other interesting effects.

Fast preview display makes it easy to choose masks and process hundreds of images for projects such as photo slideshows. Numerous mask manipulation features make it easy to fit just about any mask to any project. Use one of the included masks, those available in commercial/online collections, or create your own.

"Vignette is a must for ANYONE working in video, especially for creating picture montages. This has saved me hours on large jobs where pictures need creative edges. Vignette really hits the mark. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, here's the dictionary." - Rob Berry, Vintage Video Productions
  • Transparent/opaque Border for masks that are too small.
  • Mask inversion (positive or negative).
  • Project aspect ratio matching.
  • Supports all image formats loadable by Aura/Mirage.
  • Live WYSIWYG preview, lets you see exactly what the effect looks like while you alter the parameters.
  • Keyframeable parameters: Border, Offset, Rotate, Scale, and Smooth.
  • Keyframing management functions: Load, Save As, Reset.
  • Includes 24 high-quality alpha-channel masks.

  • Smart start-up procedure that doesn't allocate system resources until the plug-in is actually used.
  • Inline Help balloons for gadgets.
  • Multi-language capability through localization (.loc) files. English included.

  • * Keyframing features, Rotate, and Smooth are not supported in Aura 1.0c and Aura DV 1.0e
Pricing, Ordering, and Demos
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